Weddings at Villa Mani Turks & Caicos

Luxury wedding at Villa Mani

Host for Turks and Caicos Islands Wedding and Luxury Events

A beautiful Turks and Caicos Island wedding ceremony is yours at Villa Mani. While many couples wish for a ceremony on the beach, few can imaging the luxury and ease of a marriage ceremony at Villa Mani. Getting married in the Turks and Caicos Islands at Villa Mani will be unique in many ways. A picturesque location with many different photo settings you will have instant access to some of the most beautiful locations that Providenciales has to offer.

From your private sandy beach have the bride and groom exchange their vows, with turquoise waters lapping in the background. For the elegant reception the grand living room that opens up to a view over the spectacular waters surrounding Providenciales. For the relaxed honeymoon swim up to the tiki hut bar or lounge in water chaise. Climb the observation tower that overlooks all of Providenciales and enjoy champagne by the bar. Take advantage of the 33' cruiser for your honeymoon experience. Every deck at Villa Mani has a different design and can offer you a different Caribbean viewpoint. Remember that with all these luxurious resort qualities, they belong to only you and your guests.

A Villa Mani Wedding has none of the concerns of other ceremonies. You have everything you need at your fingertips. With a permanent staff of 6 to help support the wedding ceremony, planning will be a breeze. Villa Mani staff can pick up guests from the airport or other locations, help with catering deliveries, and also provide support wait staff. Know that the Villa Mani staff can support many of your wedding needs. If you choose one of the many marriage management services available Villa Mani staff will co operate fully with them, and offer their intimate knowledge of the Villa Mani site and the island of Providenciales.

Villa Mani Weddings are easily arranged. There must be a 72 hr residency period before an application for a Marriage License can be made at the Registrar General, processing usually takes 2-3 days. Original documentation requirements will be made available before you come to the Turks & Caicos Islands. We can also help with profession photography and stylist recommendations. Villa Mani staff can drive you to the Registrar office, spa or jewelers, wherever your needs are.

Villa Mani is one of the largest Villas located in Providenciales and the Turks & Caicos Islands. Privacy can be assured while having your wedding party nearby to enjoy every aspect of your marriage ceremony. All the bedrooms feature private entrances so discretion is easily afforded. With the many different distractions that Villa Mani can offer from private decks, observation tower, a full entertainment system, a day out at sea on the 33' cruiser, or the beautiful shallow tropical waters of your own private beach, your guests will be far from bored.

Have it all, your pre wedding celebrations to the wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon all in one place, the most unique Villa in Providenciales.